Beavis Projects

Here's a list of various projects I've done over the years. Some have a good amount of detail. Others are either works-in-progress or complete failures. Enjoy!


True Bypass Loopers, Switchers, etc Noisy Cricket
Wiring diagrams for various true-bypass loopers, A/B switches, and the like 1/2 watt, battery powered guitar amp with vol/gain/tone controls.
fuzzLab Frank Zappa's Digital Delay
a buncha fuzz circuits in on box with meters and switches. The first real Beavis build! Wherein I have the honor to fix a dead rack delay from the Utility Muffin Research Kitchen.
FKR Arduino Punk Console
Four Knob Rat distortion pedal with switchable clippers and lube. A beavis favorite. A microprocessor controlled tone sequencer using the wicked cool Arduino Board.
Doppler Box Double Rat Rack
Concept of idea to simulate rotating speaker effect. I wonder if this would actually work? Mods to a Proco R2DU Rat Rack, with clipping options, lube, and more.
FuzzLab Jr Large Hadron Delay Collider
A fuzz with 10 knobs, sort of the junior version of the original fuzzlab. Schematics and notes included. Fuzz Factory Fuzz Pedal Schematic: FuzzLab Junior, Fuzz Face Re-housing a Malekko E600 delay and mating it to a homebrew Powerglove for real-time controllability.
Tube Cricket Valve Caster
A redesign of the Noisy Cricket Half-Watt amp, this time with a 12AU7 tube preamp stage and a modified tone control. A 12AU7 based boost/overdrive running off a 9 volt battery. Super simple build!
TrashCanCab BATG
Build a 2x12 cab out of wood trash cans and various bits of hardware detritus from your garage. Build Guitar Cabinets out of Trash Cans DIY The Big Ass Throbbing Grinder: one of my very first builds--the Dr. Boogey distortion pedal.
Board Pimpin Armageddon Processor
Turn standard pedal boards into something more usable and fun. Modular whack box with a load of patchable effects
Digital Sequenced Wah Filter BYONC
AKA the Precision Ass Tornado. Using an arduino microprocessor to generate variable LFO signals Build your own Noisy Cricket amplifier with 100% Radio Shack Parts! A fun project.
Tufnel Distortion Frequency Analyzer Rehouse
The world's loudest guitar pedal? A true-bypass rehouse of one my favorite pedals ever, with CV In mods.
Half-Watt Class A Amp MFOS SubCommander
My build of Tim Escobedo's whimsical power amp, complete with simulated LED backlighting. Music From Out Space has a guitar synthesizer called the Sub Commander, and Beavis is building one. Forever.
Misc Pedal Buildz Motorz N' Gears
Lots of stuff I've built. Some are interesting, some are more interesting. Adapt a vibrating pager motor into a hillbilly device. Complete with video that reveals the super secret Beavis Design Methodology!
Ruby Trotsky Overdrive's great little amp, the inspiration for the noisy cricket, and a fun project Single transistor low gain overdrive--super easy build. My version uses vintage soviet transistors.
ScreamerLab Huminator
One box, one tube screamer, all the mods. Several folks have built their own take on this, loads of fun. Eliminate hum from crappy power supplies with this easy to build beginner project.
Stutter Pedal Fatback Five AM Fuzz
Build that cool stutter effect! Five cascaded fuzzes and an AM radio.


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