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Do you want to learn about building guitar stompbox circuits? Have you been frustrated before by soldering, or trying to buy the right parts? Have you tried your hand at various kits, but want to learn more about how circuits actually work? Do you want to hear how certain designs sound before you plunk down your hard-earned cash on boutique or commercial pedals? Well my friend, I think I may have something that will interest you:

the beavis board

beavis board, DIY guitar effects design kit

beavis board, DIY guitar effects design kit

The beavis board is designed to give you a platform for learning and building. If you can follow along with simple instructions, you can start building and modding a classic and new stompbox circuits.

If you have been frustrated before by kits, perfboard, soldering or whatever, I guarantee that you will be successful with the beavis board.

If you want to extend your knowledge of guitar effect circuits and how to mod and change them, the beavis board makes it easy and fun.

If you are a seasoned builder, the beavis board will make it easier than ever to prototype and tweak your designs, before you commit them to a permanent enclosure.

The beavis board makes it easy to:

  • Build a huge array of stompbox circuits including overdrives, distortions, fuzzes, filters, amplifiers, tremolos, noise generators, oscillators, and more.
  • Learn about the different components and how they work to shape your guitar's signal
  • Modify stompbox designs to tailor your sound.
  • Easily try out your circuits through a true-bypass breakout box
  • Have a giant buttload of fun

How it works

The beavis board is comprised of the following things:

  • a true-bypass i/o breakout box that makes it easy to connect circuits to the real world, i.e. your guitar, amps and pedals
  • A pair of breadboards to build on
  • A big collection of components: resistors, capacitors, transistors, ICs and more, specially selected for building some of the coolest stompbox/audio circuits

beavis board, DIY guitar effects design kit

  • A digital multimeter (DMM) that makes learning and troubleshooting much easier.
  • The Hacker's Guide to the beavis board, a comprehensive guide that shows you how to easily build and mod circuits
  • The beavis board projects: 25 projects (and growing) with a clear description, schematic, and easy breadboard layout guide. Plus, most of the circuits have great mod ideas so you can tailor each circuit to your tastes.

Tell Me More about the Circuits I can Build

Breadboard layouts are included for loads of great projects:

MXR Distortion + LPB-1 Brian May Treble Booster
 Gretsch Controfuzz SHOw Booster Orange Squeezer Compressor  Muff Fuzz ●  DOD Overdrive 250 Fuzz Face
 Muff Fuzz EA Tremolo   Cigarette Amp Ruby Amp
Noisy Cricket Amp Trotsky Overdrive
 Atari Punk Console   Dual Oscillator Tone Generator
Boutique Tube Screamer   PWM Red LLama
567 Modulator Bazz Fuss
 Mockman IC Buffer JFET Buffer

and more are being added to the list!

Learn more about the projects

So How Hard is it Really?

It is really simple actually! I've been through a lot of frustrating projects myself, and talk to folks all the time via email about the most common problems that keep people from having a great stompbox-building experience. I've  take all that knowledge and designed the beavis board to make those problems go away. If you can follow some basic instructions, and are willing to invest just a little bit of time, you'll be surprised about just what you can do.

But wait, can't I just buy a breadboard?

Yes! You can buy a breadboard. What the beavis board does is a little different.

Different? How? Read the the philosophy part....

That's Great! Now what if I want to build a real standalone pedal?

No worries, beavis has you covered. Check out our awesome beavis protoboards. Three sizes are available:

  • The protobread: just like a breadboard with built-in power supply filtering, polarity protection, and a LED resistor.
  • The smallproto: lean and mean, ideal for mid-size projects.
  • The picoproto: small and fierce! Build small boosters or other low-parts-count projects.

Learn more about the beavis protoboards!

What about Pedal Kits?

The beavis board is not a replacement for pedal kits. Pedal kits allow you to build things that you can mount on your pedalboard, and there are a lot of great kits out there. Rather, the beavis board is an augmentation of, or a precursor to, pedal kits--it is a great way to build a large array of great circuits, learn more about how the parts work, and mod circuits to come up with your own personal sound. In the meantime, if you are looking for complete single-pedal kits, you should check out:

Download the Hacker's Guide to the beavis board

Beavis Board Guide PDF

Want to learn more? Download the whole manual as a PDF and check it out for yourself. Even if you don't want to buy a beavis board, the manual has lots of good information for your projects.

The Hacker's Guide to the beavis board

Here's what beavis board customers are saying:

It's made prototyping pedals so much easier! Really really convenient and well thought out. Makes it so easy to swap components... No soldering!! -david

I have zero background in electronics. I've only scratched the surface of building FX and low watt guitar amps. Within an hour of opening my Beavis Board I had a pretty wicked bass fuzz rockin that scared the hell out of my beagle. - brad

i love my beavis board, its great. i'm learning a lot, and its really fun to see your projects come to life. - nick

The beavis board removes all of the tedious, difficult and boring tasks out of designing and testing pedal circuits. I have found it a useful tool and really good fun. - patrick

I like the variety of projects. Seeing and trying out variations that are explained. - brett

It's great. I'm learning a lot. I'm impressing myself and occasionally impressing my friends. I'm single. More women should be into diode clipping. So far the Beavis Board hasn't done much for my sex life. Please do something about this. I'm waiting... - karl

Just wanted to say that I got the beavis board, opened it up, went straight to building the first project and.... it worked! You helped me break my curse of the funky electronics and for that I am eternally grateful. - jesse

Kit arrived safe and sound today. Thanks for the quick turnaround on shipping and bonus parts in the kit...much appreciated. -kris

everything is in order and just to reinforce that you guys do great work. Thanks again - erik

I received my Beavis Board last Thursday and I just wanted to say thanks. It's exactly what I wanted and needed to get started. You guy's must have put a load of effort into getting all of the stuff together and you have made it much easier for newbies getting into pedal hacking to get started.
So just wanted to say thanks for that. :) -colin

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