LM386 ChipThe LM386 is an 8-pin DIP device that provides an easy way to create amplifier or distortion circuits. It is the basis of many popular guitar practice amplifier such as the Ruby, the Little Gem, the Noisy Cricket and the cigarette box amplifiers available from Smokey.

The JRC386/NJM386 is a pin-compatible clone of the LM386 and may be used interchangeably with the LM386.

LM386 Pinout

 LM386 Pinout

LM386 Basic Specifications

Supply Voltage

  • LM386, LM386N1, LM386N3: 4 - 12 V
  • LM386N4: 5 - 18v

Power Output

  • LM386N-1 @ 6V, 8 ohms: 250-325 mW, 10% THD
  • LM386N-3 @ 9v, 8 ohms: 500-700 mW, 10% THD
  • LM386N-4 @ 16, 32 ohms: 700-1,000 mW, 10% THD

LM386 Datasheet Example

A basic audio amplifier from the National Instruments LM386 datasheet. 

 LM386 Datasheet Example

Smokey Amp

The famous mini-amp built in cigarette boxes. This is pretty much the most minimal form of the 386 used as a guitar amplifier.

 Smokey Amp Schematic

Dual Power King 

Dual 386's in bridged mode for twice the power!

Dual 386's in bridged mode for twice the power!Dual LM386 Bridged Amplifier Schematic

beavis noisy cricket amp, mark II

Here is the schematic for the beavis noisy cricket.

LM386 Practice Amplifier, Noisy Cricket


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