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This is mostly an internal page. It serves as my scratchpad of stuff including miscellaneous links, scribble, thoughts, etc. It's a convenient place to store stuff so I can find it later.


Metal sheets:


Interesting: perfboards made to fit in hammond enclosures:
PR1593P : Protoboard - 49 x 60mm also for 1590b:
Awesome transistor pinout page:
76 page PDF on Vactrols, etc. with application notes and data sheets:
More Vactrol Info from PerkinElmer:
Big 1.7" knobs:
More Interesting Enclosures:
Electronics Stock Photos:
Crappo Randomoni:
Plexiglass display cases:
The King-Hell Mother of all mechanical/electro-mechanical suppliers:
Schematics galore:
Heatkhit schematics archive:
Panel Meters:
Chinese Panel Meters:
Toggle Switches with LEDs:
Metal stuff, including aluminum rectangle tube:
Velvet Polycarbonate Overlay:
Cool protoboard:
Understand Capacitor Soakage to Optimize Analog Systems:,1570,28,00.html
Panasonic EQC caps on Digikey:

Parts Sites




True Bypass Loop boxes

Hammond aluminum:



Wima BlackBox Audio Caps

Where to find these....

Banana Plugs

These will be useful for the rack-mount project.


Highly Liquid:

Digital Pots

Interesting kit with MIDI control of digital pots. Possible component for PIMP.


Sticker Paper

This is the gloss sticker paper I use for most of my enclosures.

Office Depot "Do-it-yourself stickers". Catalog # 652-051. Not cheap, but very stable. You can run this through your ink-jet, let it dry, zap it with just about any type of clear coat, even throw the stickered enclosure in the toaster oven and it stays stable. Get it at your local Office Depot or order online here.

Wood Enclosures

Neat site


Analog Panel Meters

I have a panel meter fetish. Here's a bunch of sites.

PM-3 Series:


PM801 and PM802 Series


Nice Analog Meters

Ocean State Electronics







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